ETS Global Services

A Commercial Venture Producing Sustainable Humanitarian Results

ETS Global Services is blending an innovative and sustainable social responsibility initiative with world-class telecommunications and advanced security technology services.

Focusing on emerging markets worldwide, ETS offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services designed to meet corporate social responsibility, rural Internet connectivity and security technology needs of clients conducting business in remote and rural areas.

ETS has the experience and capability to transform the infrastructure within a region to a level where the benefits of a quality education, modern healthcare and social improvement is available to everyone regardless of where they live, or who they are.


Network ServicesAdvanced Telecommunications Networks

Network Services

Design, construction and operation of advanced networks throughout the world.

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Social Responsibility Programs Aiding Rural Communities

Social Responsibility

Unique applications, coupled with a variety of supporting products and services.

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Security Services Security for Remote and Rural Areas

Security Service

Design and deployment of security systems in high-risk areas around the world.

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